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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Angels Gun Club, Inc



 Founded in 1947, the Angels Gun Club has successfully promoted its Mission to promote safe handling of firearms and advocate the proper fundamentals of shotgun, rifle and pistol shooting marksmanship.  The AGC is guided by the founding spirit of the Club's Founding Members and advocated to the ideals of patriotism and being good stewards of the community.



Board of Supervisors vs Tom Tryon

The Angels Gun Club Board of Directors wish to extend our gratitude for the members and public input given on our behalf at this meeting.   The vote was 3 to 1 in favor of the Planning Director's findings, with Kelly Wooster recusing himself from the meeting as he is a Gun Club Member. 

Now Tom Tryon has appealed once again this time to the Board of Supervisors.  We are once again asking for members to participation  at the hearing. The hearing will be on June 25th at the Board of Supervisors chambers.


June 1st will be the awards dinner and fun shoot for the 49er league.

Shoot starts at noon.

Dinner at 5pm



Mark your calendars for June 20, 2019 for our annual Ladies Night Event.  More information to come soon.  Check back for details!

Trap Practice Hours

Sunday 9am 

Tuesday 5 PM 

Wednesdays 12:00 to 3:30 PM



Sunday -Closed 8 AM to 1 P.M.

Tuesday - Closed at 4 PM.

 Wednesday - Closed 11:00 AM 

OR if there is a shooting event going on.

Rifle and Pistol ranges use paper targets ONLY. No steel targets on ranges are allowed or steel ammunition.



If you have changed your address since last year, please notify us now.

Meet the Officers - 2019

Dave Verhalen President/Trap Master  209-736-4259

Clay Dillashaw -  Vice President                   

Don Kappler  - Treasurer

Renee Kappler - Secretary                                          


George Mather             Roger Moore                 Curly Schwoerer    

 Ron Aspesi                    Renee Kappler                Bill Youngman

 Bill Bolton                     Mike Fish                          Nioma Mather         Marty Smith


Rifle/Pistol Range Master - Mike "Curly" Schwoerer     209-743-1121

                                                    Dave Verhalen - 209-736-4259

Trap & New Membership   - Ron Aspesi    209-770-3292


Members only club - 

Initiation fee - $150

Dues fee -        $100


Annual dues beginning in the 2019 year, are $100.00  for Regular Member

$55.00 -Members with 20 or more years as a member AND  60 yrs of age or older.

 To become a member fill out the application form from this website and mail to:

 Angels Gun Club, P.O. Box 842 Angels Camp, CA 95222.  


In previous years the gun club allowed a generous grace period to pay dues.  Rules were changed for  2019 where dues are late after January 31st.  Members WILL BE DROPPED if not paid by the due date.  To reinstate after the deadline, a $250 charge will be assessed. 

Membership Application 

Application Form

Non Members must be accompanied by a member in order to shoot at the Angels Gun Club shooting ranges.


  • Close and lock gate after entering and leaving the rifle/Pistol Range.
  • Follow "range Rules posted
  • NO  bottles, barrels or cans are to be used for targets on any range.
  • NO  alcoholic beverages permitted on grounds.
  • You must be a member to use the rifle/pistol range.
  • Ranges are closed during trapshooting events. Includes practice.  Signs are posted at the gate.
  • Raise the red flag when shooting at the pistol range. 
  • IF  there is a problem or question, please call the President or Range Master of the club.
  • Anyone may ask to see your membership card.  If you refuse, you may be ejected from the property.


Metal targets and steel ammunition are prohibited on the pistol and rifle ranges.  Anyone caught using metal targets will be asked to leave the  

property and will be in violation of safety rules and fire rules and will be referred to the Board of Directors.  Shooters must ONLY shoot towards the target backstops and not toward any other direction adjacent to the gun club property.  Throwing targets in the air or placing targets on top of fenceposts is prohibited. 


Trapshooting- 5 automated voice trap stations. Practice on Sunday morning, Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons.  

Rifle Range /Archery   

Rifle, and Archery ranges - Open to members only when there is no trapshooting practices or leagues shooting,  Available from 8 AM until  5 P.M


Pistol Range

Pistol Range - Small yardage outside pistol range.

Range Master is not on sight and shooters use at their own risk.  Only available during times when there is no trapshooting.  Members Only.


1.  All gun handling safety rules are strictly enforced.

2.  No one forward of the firing line until all firearms are grounds with the  action open, and empty chamber indicators are in place.

3.   No one will handle any firearm, while anyone is forward of the firing line.

4.   Hearing and eye protection will be worn at all times by everyone forward of the caution/safety line.

5.    Hearing and eye protection is strongly recommended behind the caution/ safety line.

6.  Members and guests will be responsible for safe handling of all firearms.

7.  Minors under age 18 MUST be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

8.  Non Members must be accompanied by an active member of the club to utilize the shooting ranges.

9.  Steel ammunition and metal targets are not allowed on the shooting ranges at any time.

49er League 2019

League begin March 12th -  Tuesday and March 14th -Thursday.

If you shot the league last year, you should be receiving in the mail, an application to sign up.  Please have your fees paid by the first shoot.  Only an Angel Gun Club member can pay the fees.  You can also pick up a form at the trap house.

All members and their guests are eligible to shoot the 49er League which happens every March. Teams can choose to shoot on Tuesday or Thursday nights. First shoot starts at 6 PM and rotates each week by 1/2 hr. No shoots during rain but is determined by the Trapsmaster . Nine week shoot total and shooters shoot one single and one handicap round. Awards are given to HOA Team and Shooter with 5 Divisions each being awarded a 1st place and Runner up award. Junior shooters and Lady's HOA and Runner UP also.
FOR MORE INFORMATION on the 49er League contact Dave Verhalen.

New rules 2019

Applications will be sent out to those teams who shot last year.   49er Trap League fee is 110.00 each member or $550.00 per team. This must be paid by the first shoot.
In 2017 the Angels Gun Club had a audit with the IRS. In 2018, we must change the way we operate the gun club.

Members are allowed to bring  6 non members to shoot and is responsible for payment of all fees and purchases for that non member.

In order to shoot the 49er League, each team must have at least one club member on the team. All money must come through the member of the gun club. No checks will be accepted from non-members. This rule is for team registration, purchase of shells and purchases at the kitchen.


 2018 49ER LEAGUE  Winners       


League Champions - Claybuster - 1994

Division I Champions -  Proctologists - 1977

Div. I Runner-Up   -   Seasoned      Rangers - 1882

Div. 2 Champions -Shut Your Trap   - 1866

Div. 3 Champions - Arnold Auton - 1752

Div. 4 Champions - The Regulators - 1689



       Individual Winners

HOA - Tony Bettanini

Lady Champion -  Jill Castle  - 314

Lady Runner Up - Denise Brower - 262

AA Champion  - Tony Bettanini-336

AA Runner- Up - Colton Vines -333

A Champion - Vince Grimes - 314

B Champion - Curly Schwoerer - 306

B Runner Up -  Joe Ziehlke - 303

C Champion - Tyler Canton - 316

C Runner Up - Bob Post    - 300

D Champion - Jim Roth - 288

D Runner Up - Jesse Decoste - 284

E Champion - Garry Moore - 265

E Runner Up - Don Kappler - 264

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