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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Angels Gun Club, Inc



 Founded in 1947, the Angels Gun Club has successfully promoted its Mission to promote safe handling of firearms and advocate the proper fundamentals of shotgun, rifle and pistol shooting marksmanship.  The AGC is guided by the founding spirit of the Club's Founding Members and advocated to the ideals of patriotism and being good stewards of the community.







P.S. There is an early bird cocktail period from 5:30 to 6:15 with specialty drinks not available later.

The trap will be open before dinner from 3:30 - 6:30.


Gun Safe Raffle Tickets

$5.00 each only 150 tickets available

Tickets can be purchased from any director

Drawing to be held after all tickets are sold or by July 1st

Winner will be notified by phone call or letter

Winner will be posted on the AGC website 

Members only

Painting of all buildings is progressing. Caretakers house is completed. Come see the fresh look of the club buildings. And thanks to the dedicated volunteers for helping prepare the buildings before hand. 

Next Board Meeting is Scheduled for 6:00 pm July 10th

There will be a special Board Meeting on June 12th beginning a 6:00pm

A copy of the meeting agenda is available upon request by any member

The Team Angels Invitational was a huge success!

There were 30 teams represented with 135 youth shooters on the range. A thunderstorm delay was all that stopped them for a short time. Thankyou to Team Angels and all the teams that participated on Saturday March 11. Our parking lot was in overflow with all the guests! 



9:00 am to noon  Open trap practice


11:00 am to 4:00 pm Open trap practice

6:00 pm Trap practice Team Angels

June 8 - Wednesday

CCW Renewal (4 hour) - Forensic FSC

June 12 - Monday

Special Board Meeting at 6:00pm

June 15 - Thursday

Advanced Handgun - Case Defensive

June 22 - Thursday

Concealed Carry - Case Defensive

June 24 - Saturday

CCW Initial Course (8 hour) - Forensic FSC

June 29 - Thursday

NRA Basic Handgun - Case Defensive

July 7 - Friday

3:30 pm to 6:30 Open trap practice

5:30 pm Monthly Dinner (members may bring one adult guest)

July 10 - Monday

6:00 pm Board Meeting (you do not have to be a Board member to attend)   


We are cleaning out storages of unused items. Some of these items we have stored for years. Some items will be on display at June dinner meeting. Too many items to display all. So here are pictures of some of the items to be sold. Most items will be priced. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours.

We also are having a drawing to win a gun Safe. Tickets are $5.00 each. We are only selling 150 tickets. The drawing will run until all tickets are sold or July 1st. 

GATE  4.5 by 12 foot    $100.00

Board of Directors and Officers for 2023

  • Clay Dillashaw - President 209-743-7832
  • George Mather  -  Vice President                   
  • Don Kappler  - Treasurer
  • Renee Kappler - Secretary                                          


Nioma Mather

Ron Aspesi

Bill Bolton

Michael Oliveira

Chad Case

Jon Dashner

Pat Ashworth

Dean Bell

Dennis Mills

Mike Borean

Bob Middleton

Lonnie Broglio


Range Master

Ron Aspesi    209-770-3292

Rifle/Pistol Range

Pat Ashworth      209-728-3056


Ron Aspesi   209-770-3292

New membership

Mike Borean    209-743-8248



MIKE BOREAN AT 209-743-8248                                         

Members only club - 

Initiation fee - $150

Dues fee -        $100


Annual dues are:

$100.00  for Regular Member

$55.00 -Members with 20 or more years as a member AND  are 60 yrs of age or older.

 To become a member, fill out an application form, attach the application fee and have your application signed by your sponsoring member.

Mail to:

      Angels Gun Club,

      P.O. Box 842

      Angels Camp, CA 95222.  


Non Members must be accompanied by a member in order to shoot at the Angels Gun Club shooting ranges.

If you have any questions about membership, contact the membership chairman  Mike Borean


2023 New Member Application Form

(click to download)

We are adding many new members every month. With the high level of interest in becoming a member, the club may have to place potential applicants on a waiting list. If you have someone interested in joining, we suggest they get their application in soon.

Message from the Officers of the Angels Gun Club


The Angels Gun Club, established in 1947 by WW2 veterans as a community-based organization that provides a safe location for marksmanship proficiency. For seventy-five years, the Angels Gun Club has been enjoyed by thousands of members of the community.

The Angels Gun Club is under attack. Another lawsuit from a former member, Larry Sarkis (resident of Hawaii), has been recently filed. Mr. Sarkis was removed from membership legally because he violated membership rules and initiated litigation in 2014 which was adjudicated. Now he is alleging the Angels Gun Club failed to comply with the terms of the initial agreement.

This new attack threatens the very existence of the Angels Gun Club, the only recognized legal shooting facility in Calaveras County. The future of our facility, that generations have used and enjoyed, is now in jeopardy.

The Officers and Directors are vigorously defending against this attack. We are inviting our community to support the members of the Angels Gun Club to defeat this unwarranted attack.

  • The four digit code in the upper left corner of your 2023 card is the access code to the rifle/pistol range gate
  • After entering the code be sure to press "send" to open the gate
  • Close and lock gate after entering and leaving the rifle/Pistol Range.
  • Follow "range Rules posted
  • NO  bottles, barrels or cans are to be used for targets on any range.
  • NO  alcoholic beverages permitted on grounds.
  • You must be a member to use the rifle/pistol range.
  • Rifle and pistol ranges are closed during trapshooting events. Includes practice.  Signs are posted at the gate.
  • Raise the red flag when shooting at the pistol range. 
  • IF  there is a problem or question, please call the President or Range Master of the club.
  • Anyone may ask to see your membership card.  If you refuse, you may be ejected from the property.


Metal targets and steel ammunition are prohibited on the pistol and rifle ranges.  Anyone caught using metal targets will be asked to leave the  

property and will be in violation of safety rules and fire rules and will be referred to the Board of Directors.  Shooters shall ONLY shoot towards the target backstops and not toward any other direction adjacent to the gun club property.  Throwing targets in the air or placing targets on top of fenceposts is prohibited. 


Trapshooting- 5 automated voice trap stations. Practice on Sunday morning from 9 to noon and Wednesday from 11 to 4.  

Rifle Range /Archery   

Rifle, and Archery ranges - Open to members only when there is no trapshooting practices or leagues active on the trap range,  Available from 8 AM until  5 P.M


Pistol Range

Pistol Range - Small yardage outside pistol range.

Range Master is not on site and shooters use at their own risk.  Only available during times when there is no trapshooting.  Members Only. We provide the backstops for shooters, please bring your own targets. No metal targets are permitted. Be sure to "raise the flag" when you are on the Pistol Range and take it down again when you leave.

CCW Class Schedule for 2023  

Contact Mike Oliveira  925-872-9764         www.forensicFCS.com

A 4 hour CCW Renewal Course available to members and non-members will be held on the following Thursdays:

June 8

August 10

November 9

December 9

An 8 hour CCW Initial Course available to members and non-members will be held on the following Saturdays:

June 24

August 26

September 23

October 28

November 18

December 16

Congratulations Chad Case for your expertise in training. Please click on the link to find out more about what Chad is offering.

Case Defensive Training for CCW, NRA Basic Handgun, and advanced handgun will be on June 15th, June 22nd, and Jun3 29th. For more information contact Chad through his website. 


1.  All gun handling safety rules are strictly enforced.

2.  No one forward of the firing line until all firearms are grounds with the  action open, and empty chamber indicators are in place.

3.   No one will handle any firearm, while anyone is forward of the firing line.

4.   Hearing and eye protection will be worn at all times by everyone forward of the caution/safety line.

5.    Hearing and eye protection is strongly recommended behind the caution/ safety line.

6.  Members and guests will be responsible for safe handling of all firearms.

7.  Minors under age 18 MUST be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

8.  Non Members must be accompanied by an active member of the club to utilize the shooting ranges.

9.  Steel ammunition and metal targets are not allowed on the shooting ranges at any time.

49er League 2023

Despite some weather delays the league will continue until everyone has completed. The most current scores are posted in the trap house. 

Please contact Ron Aspesi at 209-770-3292 for details

Secretary Renee Kappler  209-419-1003